FACTS and Numbers

I love strange facts about things. Like if a frog looses his leg , he grows a new one. And the

population of places interests me . The town that I was born in has a million more people now.

and the town that I live in now has stayed basically the same. The word 'pallett' has a lot of


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When I graduated from school in 1973 my class had 67 students, yes a small town, When my son graduated, same town same school in 1999 his class had 64 students.

Thanks and yes there are quite a few.. I only knew one with two applications. As the wood base upon which cargo is kept of the flat bottom used on material handling equipment (MHE) on which to put non bound or loose cargo. Thanks for the facts and the input.!!!

a machine part that coverts reciprocating motion to rotary motion. 2. The lip or projection of a pawl for controlling the motion of a ratchet wheel in a watch escapement. 3. a tool used for printing or gliding letters on book bindings. 4. A portable platform . 5. A narrow , hard bed. There is more....................................

What are they?