Plants and Music

It is said that plants react differently to certain types of music.

It has been said that they  prefer softer music and grow better, than when being played loud and aggressive tunes.

Fact or Fiction, i don't know, haven't really tried it myself.

SycamoreWand SycamoreWand
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1 Response Aug 17, 2008

There was a book called "The Secret Lives of Plants". In the book, the author claimed that plants had their own lives and reacted to different stimuli in different ways. One of the ore interesting assertions was their telepathic communications skills.<br />
An experiment was set up a year or two ago to prove or disprove these assertions. The net result of the testing was that the assertions made in the book had no validity. So as far as plants reacting better to soft music as opposed to other music, unless the music is played at top volume and cause shaking and stirring, that it makes no difference what music you play or do not play.