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Oliver Cromwell And Women

In the 17th century Oliver Cromwell brought a bill before Parliament against the 'Vice of painting and wearing Patches and immodest Dresses of Women'.

Included in this was legislation that if a woman trapped a man into marriage by presenting herself not as nature intended, but with artificial teeth, iron stays, hoops, or bolstered hips, she should be tried for witchcraft and the marriage annuled.
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He wiped out half of Ireland. He was an evil man! That's the danger of religious zealots. Dangerous!!!

Cromwell was a Puritan. The religion of killjoys He cancelled Christmas.
Strange that when he died, after a brief attempt his son Richard found it impossible to fill his fathers shoes.
What I have always found ironic, is that we then turned to an exiled prince who had invaded this country intending to conquer it and, welcomed him back as king.

Apparently, Charles ll when he was in exile in Holland, when he was been enticed to come home, he was to say the least a wee bit nervous . so he took to drinking Dutch Gin,hence the saying ' Dutch Courage'.
I believe when Cromwell died and had been buried, they dug his body up , can't recall the rest of the tale , but I think they cut his head off and stuck it on a pike, or pole, probably in the Tower Of London

Interesting... When he was getting his portrait painted, he advised his painter to paint " warts and all ". He couldn't have liked falsehoods