Only In America

In Texas, it is illegal to give whiskey to a dog. (Beer is ok)

Also, in Texas, it is illegal to give liquor to a fish.

In Iowa, it is illegal to hunt whales for food or sport. (Iowa is a landlocked state)

In Illinois, it is illegal for a man to offer a cigarette to a woman. Also, a moustachiod man may not kiss a woman under any circumstance. (Both of these are archaic, but not stricken from the books.)

In Florida, men may beat their wives on Sunday Mornings, and they may not be wearing a white shirt while administering said beating.

In Matoon, IL, there is a law that states "No person of color shall be found inside or outside the city premises between 6 am and 9 pm, or from 9 pm to 6 am, nor shall any person of color be found in the city on Sunday.

Also in Matoon, there still resides a law IN EFFECT: There shall be no form or practice of divination, whether for profit, personal pleasure, or charitable cause, within Matoon City Limits. There shall be no practice of witchcraft, magic, sleight-of-hand, conjuring, or creating of illusions within Matoon City Limits. There shall be no form of any type of pagan rituals, ceremonies, or gatherings to include sacrifices, congregations, idol worship, schooling, or any such activities within Matoon City Limits.

The above law is not only archaic and absurd, but also still valid. In 2002 a pagan group decided to hold a fund raiser to buy 300 new computers for the schoolsystems. All were arrested on the first day of the festival on terms of practicing divination (one of the booths offered $5.00 Tarot readings, another had Aural Photos for $10.00) and having a pagan gathering for charitable cause. The city lost the lawsuit, under grounds of freedom of religion, but the group was banned from holding festivals and and cerimonies inside the city limits.
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I love old laws that have not been wiped off statute books.
In London a Taxi Cab must still carry a bale of hay as it is law.

I already knew about the no pagans thing, this law is definetly illegal.

I love reading the weird facts, very interesting stuff.

I've heard of some of the strange and archaic laws in the US. Thanks for sharing.

"In Iowa, it is illegal to hunt whales for food or sport. (Iowa is a landlocked state)"<br />
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LOL! <br />
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ok then, why not make it illegal for Eskimos in Arizona to build Igloos.....(there is no snow in Arizona thus no way to build Igloos)<br />
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these laws are absolutely ridiculous, i mean a guy with a mustache can't kiss a girl?!?! i don't like guys with Mustaches but c'mon! some girls prefer guys with Mustaches, what then???<br />
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lol thanks for sharing these, quite interesting.

Heh, stupid people, thinking they can win a lawsuit against pagans.<br />
Garentee you, they used some spells for help XD<br />
I'm glad they won, though.