Did you know..,

Three cups of mustard in a warm bath will stop a menstrual cycle.

Washing a load of gravel in your washing machine will clean it and prolong the life of the machine.

A box of nails will turn golden in color if put in the microwave for 3-5 minutes.

Placing needles under your fingernails is a practice used by acupuncturists as a sure fire way to quit smoking.

Tobacco sauce is the best nasal decongestant available when sprayed directly up the nose.

Gasoline has a nutrient that makes plants grow significantly faster than if fed only water.

Transmission fluid works as a better lubricant than standard 10w 30 or 10w 40 oil. Using transmission fluid, the lubricant will need changed only once a year. As opposed to every quarter.

Fire ants are actually full of nutrients. It is suggested by scientist that a diet including the ants will improve strength, memory and sexual libido.

One of the best anti aging creams is drywall compound. Covering your face with spackle every night for an hour will take years from your appearance in just 30 days.

More interesting facts will follow........
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I thought the musters thing was true Tillie read the rest


damn thanks that's pretty cool

Hahahahaaaa. I hope no one tried one of these.

Your facts are dodgy

All my plants are fed now!!!


Oh and you feel bad?!

Joking lol hahahaha

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So there I was driving down the road in my pickup truck with needles under my fingers, a fresh change of transmission fluid in the engine, some drywall compound on my face, trying to choke down another fire ant, when my wife calls to ask why the microwave is on fire and the washing machine won't spin. So I tell her to stop complaining and take a nice mustard bath and forget about it!

Super funny :)

That's funny right there, I don't care who you are!

You win

does the mustard burn? because i would imagine it lol

I can't believe people don't know your kidding


Did you know.....,

Numerous bee stings can cure one of pollen allergies?

Eating a banana peel is actually good for you?

Too drunk to drive? Chug a mixture of two parts vodka and one part coffee and you will be good to go.

A bloody nose can be stopped by taking a small swig of dandruff shampoo. The zinc oxide clots the blood.

Midgets can hear dog whistles and other high frequency sounds undetectable by normal sized people.

It is advised not to wash fruits and vegetables. 30% of the anti oxidants are lost in the drain.

If your dog goes number two in the house, rubbing his nose in it is far less effective than rubbing your own nose in it. Being people pleasers, the puppy will be much more ashamed by you being tainted.

Submerging an iphone in milk will increase the battery life. Just make sure it's off before dipping and leave it in no longer than one minute.

Forget a condom but want to have sex? Try fashioning one with a cigarette wrapper and a rubber band. The residual nicotine on the wrapper acts as a spermicide and the wrapper will stretch and is resilient enough to do the trick.

I have plenty more amazing facts to print later!

Did you know....,

Dollar bills printed before 1984 were made with a touch of hemp. One can get a slight high from smoking the bills.

Similarly the flavor packet from ramen noodles gives a slight high similar to bath salts, but much less in duration.

Diet coke is more effective in whitening your eyes than visine.

Gold fish can live in vinegar and actually prefer it to water, due to the more appropriate ph levels.

Alpo (canned) mixed with finely chopped cheezits and cooked tastes exactly like sloppy joes. It is harmless to eat and it quite tasty.

Compound H wart remover will dissolve a pimple almost immediately.

Eating hair is known to increase fertility in men. This derives from men eating rhinos horns in the hunter gatherer times. Hence the term "horny".

If your ear wax tastes sweet you may have diabetes. If it smells sour, you could have sickle cell anemia.

I'll post more when I get more time......

How do you get the load of gravel back out of the washing machine?

Did you know.....

Male Urine is a natural female aphrodisiac? More effective than perfumes or soaps. It's hard wired from our ancestors, dating back to Neanderthal times.

Need to lose some weight? Try rubbing a thin layer of vegetable oil on troubled areas before going on a brisk walk. There is an enzyme in the oil that melts the fat faster.

A mixture of baking soda, comet cleaner and dish soap will whiten your teeth faster than any toothpaste.

Cough suppressants are more effective when taken anally. The blood stream absorbs the menthol faster that way. The suppressants also last longer this way because you can chew the drop, which lessens the effectiveness.

Got mice? Mice hate the smell of dog feces. Places doggy doo in areas where mice converge, under the sink, under the fridge, etc...

There is a growing trend of web piercing in urban areas. The flap of skin between fingers is pierced and an ear ring stud is placed in the cavity. Since that area feels little to no pain, (due to there being less nerve endings in that area), piercing can be done at home with a small nail, awl or sharp object; (sterilized of course).

More to follow.......

Doesn't putting metal in a microwave cause it to spark and catch on fire?

that's been my experience. You can burn out the element that way.
(I once cooked something in its wrapper, not realizing that the paper wrapper had an aluminum coating on the inside. It only took a few seconds before sparks started flying. I shut if off immediately)

I wonder if the "box of nails" statement was concocoted by someone as a malicious trick to get people to try it and ruin their micorwaves. If so, here is another illustration of "don't believe everything you find on the internet."

I cannot type today: "concocted" and "microwaves".

I found that out when I tried to heat up an Arby's sandwich in its wrapper, forgetting and not noticing the "do not microwave" warning.

Next time, remove the wrapper and try inserting a few nails in the sandwich. Then you can let us know about the golden color....

Glavanized nails react differently to the microwaves than aluminum wrappers, twist ties or trim. The coating prevents the reverse polarity that is often associated with the "sparks" commonly seen when metal is placed in the microwave.

The golden hue is associated to polarization of the atoms due to the surge of microwaves against the galvanized coating.

It's harmless to microwave ovens, but I understand anyone's reluctance to give it a try.

Make it so number one.

It's a joke!

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Those are interesting for sure. But I would want to do a little bit of research before trying some of them.