There is a reason why the older you get, the faster the years go by. This is a little deep so hold on....

We relate time on this Earth not based on the clock and the calendar, but rather our own memories and experience from day to day.

So when you are 2 years old, one year is half of your life as a whole...a large portion.
When you are 10 years old, one year is 1/10th of your life...still a large portion.

But when you start hitting year is now only 1/30th of your entire life and all of your experiences and memories. When your 60, one year is 1/60th of your life. The fraction gets smaller and smaller. So a year gets smaller and smaller...and time feels like it moves faster and faster. The year isn't any longer or shorter, but your perspective makes it feel faster.
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Interesting...I once read where someone said that time seemed to be going faster the older you get because as you get older you know how things work; you have experience-nothing is "new" for you anymore. You know how things work.

Wow ... I told my dad once that I feel like time just flies by and that sometimes I don't even realize how fast it's going. He replied with " wait until your my age" lol with what you just said .... Makes sense

I wouldn't consider myself an intellectual, but I can take credit for this one, I was sitting around one day thinking about why time was flying and this is what popped into my head. One of my more enlightened moments in life.

It was very well said :)

Wow love it