I'd Like a Peace O' That

Did you know the Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts

Three Naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders...


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Interesting fact why not each other holding a **** and balls.

Yes ... yes of course :))

Hahaha I like that idea .... love pop-ups ... err PICTURES !!! Pop-up pictures :))

Of course such a book must have pictures .... :)) <br />
<br />
What sort of speech would you do if you won such a prize ?

A man must have designed it and maybe the belief was only men would earn them??? How wrong they are!

Weren't the olympic games originally held with the participants in the nude and don't most who participate in summer olympic sports wear as little restrictive clothing as possible to keep it from impeding their movement? Perhaps it was not unusual during the time period to be nude. Does clothing impede thought or discoveries?

Well im not blind ... I still like jam donuts and i see three naked men with their hands on each others shoulders ...

Whaaaa hooo!! *jiggles his jelly jam donuts all about the place* Hmmm. Hope that didn't break any obscenity laws.

OH MY GAWD !! Are you watching the same movie as me ???? <br />
and if not ... Mainly - donut - like - physique :P

Uhhh. Metal boat? Mainly-donut-like-physique? More comments? Mandarins? Morgan Freeman??????

eye spy with my little eye ... something begining with M : )

Thank you. I am fairly confident that I was not one of the original three naked men upon the medal! Although you might have to explain what you've done with them at some stage. And... what are you staring at??? o_O

OMG !! Geepers ... um ... sorry about that ... :)

Look, if we get another story in the "Most Commented" section, I feel we will be in trouble. On the other hand, would you kindly master your control device... AND RETURN MY CLOTHING!

Stupid control !! Arghhh Bring back the fishing rods !!!! DONUTS !!!

Hey! Where did the fishing rods go?! Where did the donuts go??!! Where did the NAKED MEN go?!?!?

What this old thing ? ... why nothing ... nothing at all :)

Maybe some of your alien friends stole it! They'll be after the peace prize next! Or maybe the naked men. Hey... what are you doing with that transporter control?!

Oh dear !! That is very strange .....

Did you see that? A vanishing comment! One moment... peaceworthy... and the next ka-POOF!

oh yes ... thats right .... hahaha ha nothing wrong with that ... perfectly acceptable behaviour for Three Naked Men with their hands on each others shoulders

I think it was something to do with them having a few beers, deciding to practice their wreslting, then going for a quick dip before sunning themselves?

Three naked men all hot & sweaty and splashing each other in the sun .......................... sorry ... what was the question ??

Three naked men in a tinny!?!?! Won't they get all hot and sweaty under the sun, and wet with splashes of the water?? Doesn't that always lead to.... fishing?

if they have fishing rods and sitting in a tinny ...yup

Peace is indeed three naked men. Isn't it?

I had to google to verify this one. The Nobel Peace prize for Peace does indeed have the three naked men. It looks like the other medals have different pictures on it though.