100 years from now Facebook will have 500 million accounts of dead people
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6 Responses Jun 27, 2014

I know at least two accounts of dead friends there. Their families didn't delete the accounts to remember them.

Never crossed my mind before lol scary

Weird but true. XD

perhaps more than that. and the site may transition to the most popular internet obituary lists in history. It would probably be an alternative means of income for facebook if a rival social media takes the reigns in some future time.

That is, Facebook, as a large obituary site, would probably be the way it makes it money. It may even be a genealogy site to some extent. Thanks for your post Wynnie. It made me think.

It will be called the Facebook Archive, look up your very naughty Granny that was always *******, until she met your GrANDFATHER.

I knew a man who died last October and his FB page is still open.

No one has posted anything to his FB page from what I've seen. He committed suicide and it got in the local news so everyone knows about it. I have to wonder if the family has not asked it to be removed so they can have one last memory of him with that FB account.

My dad's been gone 3 years... I wont delete his page, but it's kind of sad when his friends wish him a happy birthday or ask how hes doing... how could they not know? lol