Egg Laying Mammals

     There are only two known mammals that lay eggs. The Duckbilled Platypus and the Akidna which is an ant eater with spikes like a porcupine.

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Good for you!

haha. im a nerd when it comes to them lol. they are very interesting unique creatures.

No, I do not know them or study them as intently as you do. But they are an amazing species!

did you know when they were first found they were thought to be a hoax. that someone put parts of a duck and a beaver together? lol

They are even rarer to find!

i completely agree! lol and its my favorite animal! and its rare to find someone who knows about them! ;o)

The platypus has to be one of the weirdest if not the weirdest of all mammals. It also has poisonous hooks on its back feet for protection!