Ever wonder why men have nipples? Or male dogs or cats? Well the reason is because all mammals start out as females. Sorry guys, but it's true!

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and you can play with my nipples any time you want mewold ;o)

Andrew you can play with my nipples any time.

Oh, I thought you sneezed.

i think


cool info.....what about the little spot under the nose, I am dying to know what that little cleft is called....anybody know?

hahahahahahahaha.... that too mewold, that too!

I thought men had nipples to give us something to play with when there were no women around.

actually they all start as females:<br />
<br />
Nipples: It’s About Science, People<br />
<br />
The reason men have nipples is because our lactiferous ducts develop before testosterone enters the fetal picture. (Yes, we all start as females.) In fact, male mammary tissue can be stimulated to lactate. In Aka culture of Africa - reportedly home of the best fathers on earth - the dads frequently suckle their babies while mom goes off to hunt.<br />
<br />
Nipples are not the only thing men and women have in common. Men also possess a “leftover” uterus. It hangs off the prostate gland<br />
. We have a lot of useless body parts leftover from previous adventures in evolution. Wisdom teeth, the coccyx, the appendix, and in fact, body hair are all unnecessary remnants of our evolutionary past. Who knows what we’ll look like a few million years from now! (I predict text message thumbs.)

Actually we start out as NEITHER a certain stage in our developement a hormone is added and we become males, if that hormone is not added we develope into females. Anyway, men still have hormones and and anatomy traits of females. Believe it or not....there are actually MEN who lactate (its not a common occurance though). The breast tissue in men and women is pretty much the can have breast developement (its called gynocomastia), men can even develope breast cancer.

hahaha! i love that movie. while men have nipples i dont think they have the right equipment to produce milk lol! actually when babies first come out, males and females, sometimes they have milk in their nipples and they can leak. weird!!!!