Soldiers. Suicide V. Combat Death...

"The U.S. Army recently reported that for the month of January in 2009, the number of soldiers who committed suicide surpassed the number of soldiers who were killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. While there were 16 U.S. combat deaths, the Army believes that there were 24 suicides (the Army has confirmed seven suicides, and it believes that investigators will confirm an additional 17 other deaths as suicides). The number of suicides in January 2009 is more than five times as many as the total in January 2008."

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Regardless, we're screwed. And they are even more screwed. <br />
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"Support The Troops: Give Them Proper Mental Medical Attention" Will that look good on a bumper sticker?

Vox, there is no doubt that war and the actions taken and witnessed in war are not made for the human psyche, but since we do have war and it will continue into the unforeseen future, we need to find ways to help those needing assistance after participating in such an intensive and gruesome environments. A lot of soldiers do come back and are able to participate in society once again despite the horrors of the actions in which they were involved. Witness the soldiers from WWI, WWII, etc. However, there are always individuals who do not cope well with those rigors and for them the aftercare is crucial in the hopes that thy can deal with these traumatic experiences and carry on as normal as is possible for them.

Certainly Nudeinva, but what really speaks above that in my opinion, is the obvious.. This war is soo profoundly sickeningly wrong, (not mention Illegal), to even the soldiers, that even they can't live with themselves. Even those who might .. Might, if they're lucky, have somewhat decent aftercare, will inevitably lead very troubled lives.

This reflects the lack of psychiatric care being offered to our servicemen serving in combat zones!