In the USA there are 51,438 Gun Stores compared to 37,459 Supermarkets.
The average US Citizen loves guns, rifles and machine guns.
310 million US Citizens own a fire arm of some kind.
You love guns.
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Thank you! You proved that I am not average! (Whether above or below is yet to be known)
I have never owned a gun and do not wish to have one.
I don't mind hunting if you are doing it for food but the 'big game' hunting should stop.
Thank you for letting me vent a bit.
Have a great day!

Without a doubt you're right. Just like the English are into spanking and the Japanese our into anima, our national fetish here in the USA is guns. Funny thing though, there are less and less hunters, and most cringe at the idea of assault rifles in the field.
Personally I prefer to spanked.

not sure these stats are accurate.

People without guns are a target!

Your facts are flawed.

Just the number for the stores alone compared to supermarkets is quite obvious.

I would think Iraq had the most gun. I mean seeing that they even strap babies with bombs.

Well, that's an overstatement. Most of the US Citizens I know dislike or are neutral about guns. Oh, and why do we have a Constitutional Right to Bear Arms (own guns), because when we were a British Colony, the only ones who legally had guns were the Red Coats, and they used them to intimidate and control the colonists.

Saying that the USA has a love affair with guns is like saying all Muslims are terrorists.

Get over yourself.

I wish i can have a gun, but i don't think it's needed. 1.5 sec is enough time for me to disarm a person that trying to rob me and dislocate his index finger and elbow ^^

i was, Dad thought it'd be handy till i got a little older and imagine the scenario. What if the robber was far away and asked me to toss the bag over? Lmao it was a good 6monthes learning self defense and picturing that kinda ruin it for me so i just took taekwondo and some pressure point lesson ^^

It's kinda like swat team they wear helmet but what if they get shot in the face?

I love firearms but I love all kinds of weapons....

So? You jealous?

The Yanks have always been trigger happy,the police and the army, shoot first and ask why later, they have a missing gene and are generally not very clever.