10% of the world's water is consumed by "people."

90% of the world's water is consumed by industry and agriculture.

(See, we aren't "running out," it's being stolen.)

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from what i believe that before irrigation ...man was nomadic or lived by the rivers ....the desert regions of mesopatamia and africa were civilisation began due to irrigation where they could grow crops and remain in dry areas...messing with the natural water systems began 5000 years ago...but not too much damage was done until the industrial revolution and the progress that was made in the 20th century...its only the last 150 years or so that we have done great damage....mining is the earths worst enemy...so is over-population<br />
arn't we 70% water too...water is the source of all life but thats why the ice caps are melting to flush our rivers and lands clean again<br />

There's documentation that dams were actually originally invented to kill off salmon (because they do) specifically to deplete the foodsource for the Natives. Dams were installed as a genocidal weapon.

Unfortunately, the fish aren't the only ones affected. Our plants, our HUMANS, our animal friends, our clouds, are all totally affected... <br />
Without drinkable water resources, we all die... And yet people still write about this in "weird facts" sections of online communities. Instead of the government and "Big Business" doing something about it. Is there a DEVASTATING FACTS section?

All the fish ARE dying. Humans like to blame it on "sealions poaching the fish," but the sea lions are only killing all our fish because they don't have as many fish for themselves. (When did these fish belong to us anyway?)<br />
They are dying...

GREATLY taxed. It's unbelievable.