Colorado River.

The Colorado River no longer reaches the ocean...

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

oh dear how sad to see all the mighty rivers drying up..<br />
here in oz its the same ...<br />
i love your stories and your compassion for our earth...<br />
the happy happy times are over<br />
the human kingdom is intertwined with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms...if they disappear so do we.<br />
the lands and waters are toxic or dry, the animals are dying and we are taking every mineral from the earth <br />
what chance do we have...the air we breath is toxic <br />
no wonder everyone is confused<br />
its not the way it's supposed to be<br />
but have faith and hope, for mother earth will not die only our world that we have created will end and those who are disconnected from her will perish<br />
thats what the prophecies tell us...<br />
from the great chiefs our lands we will return<br />
from my elders...the greedy mans power is running out of fuel...the waters will flow clean once again when we stop digging into the earth.<br />
there are many others who believe this<br />
it will be bloomsday....not doomsday<br />
and you my dear are a child of the earth.....and your mother earth will not forsake you...she will protect you and yours <br />

That is a sad commentary on man and his perversion of nature!