Did you know..

A mixture of muratic acid, vinegar and water will remove foot callouses almost immediately.

Copper is a natural anti coagulant. If you have a cut place an unwashed penny immediately on your wound and it will stop bleeding instantly!

Most canned cat foods can replace tuna in recipes with the same nutritional value and taste.

Baby strollers are designed to not topple when they are bumped or kicked when a baby is in it- regardless how hard you kick it.

Shaving razors are expensive! You can lengthen the life of your razor for free with an object you have right on your body-- your tongue! Run the razor backwards( front to back) on your tongue-- it won't cut but the razor will sharpen after 10-15 strokes. A razor could last years with this method.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth can be use on your genitals to perform longer in bed. Just place a dab on your nether-regions and have fun!

Scientists now claim q-tips are much less effective in removing ear wax than a Phillips screwdriver. The hexed end of the screwdriver lifts the wax from the ear canal when twisted gently inside the ear. Twist in a clockwise motion.

Urine is more effective in removing redness than Visine!

Drug tests are tough to fool- however there are tricks to sway the results in your favor. Eating a pine cone or small sponge the night before the test may absorb all the drug toxins in your body and fool the test. It's been said eating a bowl of acorn shells works as well.

Motor oil can replace oil of Olay with the same results! On a price per ounce basis, the motor oil is much cheaper!

City water is full of toxins and pollutants. A maxipad can be used to filter water in a pinch. Some have even used them in their whole house filter when a real filter is not mediately available.

More will follow!!!!
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you like weird facts well here's a fact for you don't assume something is when it's not. until you go straight to the source,.as for bed wetting and the military they wouldn't give a **** if they need you.especially if you have what they want. as in killing skills.. never underestimate the evil nature of your government.

I was just having a bad morning. No hard feelings, bud. We have different viewpoints- that's what makes our country great. Have a good evening.

you too friend

that was ment for you buddy do putting pee in your eyes worked for you and if so how and do you drink pee also i heard it was benifiscal?

Ah geez- don't do that! These are just jokes......

yeah humm hum sure you don't lol

I like the cat food one. ahh it sure will save me some money

you telling me that pee will clear my red eyes lol have you tried?

you didn't answer my question bk2455 do pee work for you?

Hahahaha..........up to the copper penny I followed with interest after that I was in wails of laughter!

Ha. Ha. Omg.

Very, very good! :-D

Must be true, it's on the Internet.

yeah right

I am in the emergency room right now due to your earwax advice. :P

I really was searching for a solution to the foot callous problem-then BOOM-found this looking for someone on ep to talk to!

Go on then .. If you must :)

Like a lot of people I didn't know that .. I'm not sure I wanted to either .. :)

Some of these are terribly funny. More specifically, the toothpaste and the shavers..maybe it's just me? :P