GROUND Zero Site Is Haunted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know some people would feel some way about this article. but you know i don't really say certain things without having some kind of proof or fact to go with it.september 11 2001 was a tough time for every one  even was tragic. now its going to be the sixth anniversary.i will have my moment of silence and everything. i was walking around the ground zero site.yes because i am in new york constantly.i am a night person i was gonna catch the train back to jersey and i notice that something isn't quite right there to make me come to the conclution that the whole area around ground zero is haunted.then a few days after that.two fire fighters that was there on 9 11 dies 6 years later at a building across from where the twin towers was. doctors said it was cardiac arress(excuse my spelling) and i was doing some research and spirits would reside at ground zero and can't be able to leave.because they all died in vain and for them to be able to leave more people would have to die and if they stay they will become very harmful spirits and harm people. if you have any thing to say about this i really wanna know.

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Hi there, Ive just come home to ireland from new york, It was my first time visiting the place and my first time visiting ground zero. I had always wanted to visit the place but i can now firmly say it is a place i will never return to!.

When we were queueing up to enter it was all good until i rounded the first corner, immediately i felt unsettles and not safe, it felt like someone was watching me and i felt very unsettled, the closer we got to the memorial the harder it was, it was eerily quiet and almost deadening. I could sense a lot of spirits and people around me and not one of them were 'happy'. As we approached the first hole in the ground with the names on it, i was afraid to close my eyes for fear of what i might see, i felt and overwhelming feeling of grief, pain, anger, hurt and loss. I have no affinity with this place and had no real link to america in general other than an interest in seeing the country.

At he first memorial i could feel myself choking up with tears and felt like there was something in my throat that i couldn't explain i found it difficult to speak and wanted to get out of the place as soon as possible but felt that i couldn't leave just yet. I sat for a moment and had to fight back not just tears but uncontrollable sobbing, i felt that if i started to cry i wouldn't stop, there was so much anguish and hurt inside me i was afraid to speak because if i said one word i would collapse. I am a reiki master and would have previously worked with spirit and channelled some messages, here in this place, it felt like 100s of people were running at me and trying to come through to me and i couldn't handle it.

I went to one of the volunteers to ask what healing work had been done on the site as it felt there was a lot of unfinished business there. this person had said that the whole idea of the site was to heal but this just didn't sit with me, and the people coming through were at this point screaming at me. Not in a threatening way but in utter desperation.

i asked the spirits to step back and please bring one or two people in to speak as it was overwhelming, when they did come forward they didn't give names but very clearly said the two holes that are in the place of the towers is not what they want. these are not celebrations of their life they were a place to comfort the living which is needed but there was nothing for the spirits still there. they had said how the freedom tower represented their feeling more but it is not honouring them. these two people spoke to me for about 15 minutes and explained all the experience they had. they spoke of someone being involved there that has not got the best interests of the city at heart and that something about this memorial is not sitting right. these people stayed with me until i left the area and even for a few minutes after, i felt choked up and extremely emotional the whole way through this and couldn't bring myself to speak to the person i had came their with. thankfully they are used to me having these experiences and respected that in me. there is ALOT of healing work to be done on that site. i would love to help but feel if i went back there i wouldn't be able to help because there would be an outpour of grief that i just couldn't control.

I am wondering has anyone else felt this or had a similar experience, i thought i was unique in this and really worried about that until i googled it when i got back to the hotel. it has been 4 days since the experience and i still feel the grief and I'm not fully over it.

I just visited the WTC site yesterday. I had a nearly identical experience. Just thinking about it makes me cry. I'm here looking for other people who "get it."

I'm not a healer, I'm an empath. I sometimes think I can 'feel' every feeling anyone has within a 10 mile circle around me. I walked from Mid-Town to the Trade Center. It rained the entire way. I thought if I went, I would have an enlightened moment there, that might help me understand or process the evil that took so many people that day. That is not what happened.

Instead as I got closer, my feet and body became heavier, I was 'slumped over' myself. I almost turned around when I walked past the crane. Most of the people I passed that I managed to look at had this total look of disgust on their faces. I even remember one child in a stroller holding her face in a very adult disapproving way. Feet heavy, body slouched, misty rain coming down I entered the square, walked past the museum line and was nearly knocked to my knees in grief. Like I hit a wall of the heavest sadness I had ever felt in my life.

I did fall at some point, but not completely and sat on the back of my feet. I cried. And I cried. I tried so hard to say a prayer, but I couldn't even do that! I finally got myself together enough to walk to the second pool - I did this by using anger as my fuel. I was fuming mad at all the people smiling and taking selfies in front of this massive watery tomb. The tears stopped until I reached the other pool...

I couldn't even help it I cried and cried and cried. I thought my eyes were just about to pop out of my head. I was alone. I didn't want anyone to go with me either. I must have looked bad though because one of the security guard came up to me and asked me if I was ok. He was nice and we talked a minute. I said I was mad because the people who died there deserved better than to become some kind of tourists attraction side-show. He seemed to appreciate my comments about that, and that gave me a little comfort. I hugged him before I walked away and thanked him for checking on me.

I went through the museum very quickly. I hated it. I was so angry that these individuals have somehow become a blur of one big side show complete with a gift shop. Have you ever been to a graveyard with a gift shop in it? And a cafe?!? I was so offended.

I'm still trying to process what happened when I came out of that building - the sun was shining for the first time since Friday, but I just wanted to run so fast from there and never ever go back. It is all so wrong. The way those innocent people died was terrible, but the way they lived was nearly ignored. Who they were to their families and loved ones is so important. The spirits there so desperately want to be connected to their loved ones and this is not helping any of them in my opinion. Or at least that's how I experienced the place. I hope at least one of them felt me say how much I love them and wish I knew what they were like before 9/11. I wish we could figure out a way to stop robbing them of their identity in life by replacing their memory with the way that they died.

God bless you.

I,m a minister first & formost. If you read and truly interpreted the bible then you would understand that in a sense there are such things as ghost.Ever hear of the holy ghost? each of us has a soul and spirits are all around us, good and bad. Ground zero was created by hate therefore it is a cursed spot. That has been proven in front of the television cameras. You just have to know where to look. Before the first office workers enter that building,it should infact be blessed. If not,you will start to hear strange stories coming from that area.

Yeah thats one big unmarked gravesite you could step where a body once laid rip 911 victims

Those people died a horrible death at that site. There's gonna be a lot of paranormal activity going on inside the Freedom Tower and the Ghostly apparitions of those who died there, will reveal themselves. One thing for sure is that, I have no intentions of stepping foot on that unmarked grave site.

. . . There are many things about this life that we may never fully understand. I have had my share of things to happen in my life of 39 1/2 years that when I experienced these happenings, it scared me badly. Not being "informed" or educated on these experiences can really make fear abound. Now that I am older ( not a spring chick any more! ) , I handle these "happenings" much better, but still . . . I am haunted sometimes by an experience that I struggle to understand. Are there "ghosts"? . . . I don't think I have any solid answer to that except to say that when we die, our consciencness goes on. . . and during the process/transition to our next "home", we leave behind the memories of our life; we leave them here, and they stay all around the places we lived/loved/died. We know so little about the "transition" after death. I think the most important thing to remember in all this is that in the Bible, it tells of Satan roaming the earth. . . and if he roams the earth, I am sure that his demons do as well. And they can play mind games with us humans and convince us into believing LIES. Satan loves to get us distracted from the Godly path that we should walk. So. . . this all makes me think to be very cautious in any assumptions about "ghosts" etc. as I know from first hand experience that Satan can control our minds if we let him and convince us into just about anything. . . usually the furthest thing from the truth. Blessings!

Bible says when you die, you either go to heaven or hell, so why do people think there are spirits roaming the earth, I think they are demons acting as ghosts.

what does the bible say about life and death? that is the one I choose.

Someone, a psychic, should go there and try help them to move to the other side. It's so sad that they are trapped there. It shouldn't be ignored.

....only a Shaman would know how to help them ...but in this day and age they would be laughed at and the authorities wouldn't allow it anyway ...poor souls ...the fear of the victims will be used doubt ...the whole place should be blessed

There are spirits at Ground Zero. <br />
<br />
At least there were in July 2007... It was my very first time in New York in my life and while there on business, I was also celebrating my 50th birthday and was joined by family. I was taken by the wonder of the city and the incredibly beautiful energy and vibration. I was 100% skeptic and have never been linked or even interested in the paranormal. A chance visit to Ground Zero changed my entire outlook on life & death. At least 7 spirits contacted me in the 15 minutes I was there. It was terrifying and yet, knowing now that death is not the end, has also consoled me to some extent. I did not make a plan to visit ground zero...I just somehow ended up there in the middle of a shopping spree with my family. <br />
<br />
I have to go to New York once a year in the summer. I have never been back to ground zero, as I never want to have that experience again. I do not know the names of the spirits who contacted me. I only know that they left unfinished business and were not happy about that at all. A feeling of utter despair and sadness engulfed me and I was crying so hard that people came up to me to console me thinking I had lost someone close to me there. I almost choked on non-existing dust in the air.<br />
<br />
I have not wanted to talk about it out of respect to those who lost their loved ones there, but the experience itself haunts me and I am hoping that if they know this, they will go there again and open themselves up to their loved ones and give them that one last chance to say good-bye properly, even if through their spirits voice. They may have been there many times already, memorial services, anniversaries, but if they do not believe that there is a possibility they may be contacted, or they are not sensitive to this energy they will miss the window of contact. <br />
<br />
I was contacted for a reason, and I was asked to transmit this message. Until I do so, I will not be at peace. <br />
<br />
I apologize to those who are skeptic to all of this, just like I was before this happened.<br />
<br />
I want to know who else has been contacted while there, cause up until now, I have not seen a lot on the web about it. I'm not obsessed with it, but I am also thinking that no one is talking out of respect. I know it is selfish of me, but it sure would be good to know that I am not one of the only people who have been contacted like this, especially by so many at once. it is what it is.

Actually I felt the same when I was in Ground Zero, three years ago. I remember feeling an instant chill and I was covered in goosebumps. It was terrifying.

Hey I have an idea. I am a Hindu. The belief is that spirts would be happy if we arrange for public feasting. In temples in India we have public feasting everyday. Why cant we start a memorial hall with public feasting everyday at the ground zero. People of all communities can come and eat and spend time together. That builds up trust, brotherhood and at the same time console the spirits. <br />
<br />
I would prefer to build a krishna temple with priests from India who can chant Vedic mantras everyday. Vedic mantras have lots of power. <br />
<br />

I am new at the back and forth discussions like this so I will be polite but blunt. Before spending time recording voices, one might want to look at the validity of such an activity.<br />
<br />
History:<br /> <br />
<br />
Thoughts:<br /> <br />
<br /><br />
<br /> <br />
<br />
I just took a quick pass through Google and provided the links to pages that made sense to me. <br />
<br />

I do believe that when a person dies violently or in anyway in vain their souls are left to wonder the earth. I do not believe that more people would have to die for them to "go home". I also don't beleive that if they stay they will become harmful. I do beleive that they want our help. Whether they're bodies were not found and they are trying to show us or they want our help to show them they way "home". <BR>But also its not to say that there are evil spirits out there and if you ever come into contact with one you will know becuase they do become aggressive and do harm people. <BR>I've never been to ground zero, but, I do plan on visiting the area one day even though I know it is filled with sadness. I do believe that every single victim who died in those towers are there at ground zero waiting for someone to hear them to relieve them of their state.<BR>Despite the noise around the area, if we placed a recorder in the middle or certain spots of ground zero we could hear them and their messages. I wonder if someone has ever thought of doing that? I know I would take a recorder with me and record around the area at night particularly at 3 am when ghost activity is at its highest and hear what I could get.<BR>If anyone living in the area decides to do this task, let me know what you get.

Fair enough Twisted, my apologies for the tone.

no what i'm saying is that everyone has a right to their own opinion but the way your comment came across is that you think everyone should beleive what you beleive, by saying thats it.simple. thats all

Just so I understand your comment Twisted, those that believe can "push" their beliefs but those that don't shouldn't. Do I have that down correctly? P L E A S E. <br />
<br />
I have had similar, overwhelming feelings at places like Pearl Harbor and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and believe me, I felt something but it was within me, not a bunch of spirits standing next to me.

Golgatha you cant just say theres no such things as spirits and expect ppl to go along with u just because ur a non beleiver. you are the type of person to push ur opinions on people and down there beleifs.. thats all good for you to beleive what u beleive but dont go pushing it on others when others ppl dnt agree with u

fuu scary...u want a huntered house u get a huntered house,,,,but still no fact is greater then a persons conscience

Death is not the end of the body. The spirits that we are, continue forever. Since the death was a violent one, and since millions of people are ignorant of the fact that they are not bodies but spirits residing in physical material bodies, the spirits continue to move around the scene of the mishap/violence, and continue to relive those horrible moments. Sometimes they do become visible to people with ordinary sensibilities. Sometimes weird things happen in such places. Had such things not been true, the idea of ghosts would not have been there since the time civilizations began. Of course, there are times when some one may believe that there are spirits even when there are none because of own imaginations or thoughts already in one's minds. But ghosts and spirits are a reality. It is another matter that we are unable to see them and communicate with them in the normal circumstances. If one is interested in findding the truth about these things, one has to take pains and go to the psychics who can teach one to communicate with these spirits. But one must be extremely courageous person. Timid hearted people are advised not to attempt such things, because when faced with weird things of the world of spirits and ghosts, he may die of heart attack born out of great fear.

i belive theres a possiblity that ground zero could be haunted. Why dont you get a psyhic to have a walk around in there and see what they think.

Things are not that complicated, really really. There are no such things as spooks or ghosts. We carry feelings with us from the knowledge and imagination we have. That is it. Simple.

can't really explain.theirs this chill running up my spine when ever i'd walk hair on my arms would stand.<br />
people complain all the time.not complain like act know say a little stuff.about being contacted by the dead cause they need help.six sence all of that.<br />
its crazy.