Since 666

Ever since 666 that day everything went wrong. so much un explained thing you wouldn't even understand. i've been tryin to find out what happend to the spear of destiny after hitler had it my theories may sound crazy but thats just how i am theres a war coming up. i am a cristian but i don't beliving changing other peoples beleifs. i see signs everyday even as i speak.please get back at me if you have questions. my sence is tingling.

Jordanne Jordanne
18-21, F
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What did you mean about 'spear of destiny'?

Jordanne: A Christian MUST BE concerned with the beliefs of others because what they believe determines their destiny....heaven or hell. <br />
I am curious about your religious background. How long have you been a Christian? Are your parents Christians? I can see that you are quite young. Is there a person in your life that you can get Godly wisdom and advice from? I would be glad to help you learn to use your spiritual gifts. I have four sons, one your age. I have the 'mom/mother' thing down quite well! You can email me at<br />

maggie.. i find it wild when those with faith explain to others of their faith that they are not faithing their faith correctly. 'course you are certainly being gratious for your development and relationship with your god and are simply supporting a sister in her path... but wow.. you should read your dialogue from where i am standing. i see no more subversive methods in any of the christian 'fringe' sect's recruitment methods. (determined fringe by the mainstream.. the mainstream whose abundant fruit produced is rotted) <--i don't mean to be disparaging. just giving a glimpse of what others can see.