If Anyone Wanna Know About the Spear of Destiny

back when jesus was crucified on the cross.there was a soldier that pearced jesus with a spear. you know those soldiers that came to break their legs,well this one took out a spear and stabbed him then blood and water came out of jesus body. later as we know it as the spear of destiny or the holy lace.they say he who posses it has the faith of the world in its hand.legends claimed it emperor Charlemagne ho won 47 battles with it then he accidently dropped it and died.then five saxon emperors claimed it they loosed it and died then seven Hohenstauffen emperors, among them Barbarossa, Frederick II and Kaiser Wilhelm. There were other owners as well. then nepoleon tried to claim the lance but he couldn't  after the battle of Austerlitz.then the relic sneaked to vienna austria where it was in the Hoffburg Museum until 1938. and then hitler came,he always knew what the spear was about and what will happen when whom posses it.he lusted for the spear from the moment he first saw it in the Vienna museum in 1912. then hitlers life flashed before his eyes almost like the spear was showing him taking over the world in the future.then you know what hitler did with the whole holocaust thing then hitler mysterious death some said he commit suiside.but i don't think so.who would kill them selves when your this close to take over the world? then after hitlers death the spear myteriously vanished of the earth.but the books say that the spear went back to the museum but its not there.
Jordanne Jordanne
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Don't tell anyone... I have it... And i will be the next ruler of the world ;-)