Sex is 10 times more effective than Valium at relieving stress.
Marcette88 Marcette88
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No wonder I'm so stressed. I need more Valium cause the other solution hasn't been happening.

My ego says that sex with me is 100 times more effective, though that hasn't yet been scientifically proven 😜

it didn't take a study for me to know that.

I agree, I love sex.

I cant afford Valium so I guess I'm screwed either way.

So you wanna have sex now? :P

Well, I guess it's Valium for me. :/

Sex is wonderful, I love it and all the foreplay and kissing before the act that is normally quite quick.He **** fast,

Yes. And morning-sex is more effective than coffee to wake-up because of the adrenaline shot you get from it.

Sounds good to me!

Not for me. It causes stress
I don't like it but have to perform for my wife periodically and it always a struggle for me. Fortunately it only happens once or twice a year

Wanna practice??

What about sex with valiums???


Would enjoy having you test that with me

that is true.

And just as addictive as well.

what if you don't have a sexlife :(

LOL I guess you are screwed!

I agree 100000%