Research has shown that people who engage in kinky acts like BDSM, spanking, pegging, etc. are generally more psychologically sound than the general population. They also have a better partner relationships which is due to the enhanced communication between partners that is required to participate safely and in a full filling manner in these types of activities.
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I would be inclined to agree with you.Sometimes the traditional doggy or missionary positions get a little stale. As we grow so does our tastes. I could not imagine being married for years and doing the same thing every time. You have ro be able to explore tour desires and fantasies or life gets a little dull.........

That's ****** up, in a good way, but strange!

Why does everybody get so serious and defensive on this

A lot of people who are into sex acts that could be considered degrading were sexually abused as children or early teens. Most people who are super morbidly obese (300 pounds and up) were also sexually abused.

Always knew I didn't belong in the cuckoo farm, all hail us Kinky girls & guys

Can you tell me where this research has been published please. If you have a link, even better.

Cite this research.

Guess I'm nuts then? Lol

I don't know about all that, I mean I'm not into violence, but I get pretty racy and I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that I'm disturbed.


Makes sense