According to VS the average woman owns 34 pairs of panties.
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I thought it was shoes.

I always knew I was above average.

what an interesting statistic

Sounds about right for me

I have not counted how many that I have, but I suppose it would about that number.

Not surprising, but I think I have that beat ;)

Another weird fact is that an average women gets ****** 35 times in a year between the ages of 20 and 40.
That is more the number of her panties.

My girlfriend get it that much in a month.

She is lucky.
Must have a sore *****

Is this by you only or is it in s group?

Just by me, she likes sex and so do I. We do it most days and always twice on Saturday's and Sunday's

great sex life, continue

You are obviously on one end of the scale. The average is decreased due to many who have less than 12 in a year.

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I have 36 pairs

how many are thongs n how many r granny panties hate granny panties to much material to take off its like unwrapping a bad gift u know but dont want to

probably more than the average male....more than me for sure