For men, sex burns between 100 and 200 calories on average. On the other hand, it only burns approximately 69 calories for women.

Seems like 69 is a magic number in many ways LOL!
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Maybe that's why a woman can easy handle 2-3 men at a time.

yes it is chat

That also depends on how long the sex lasts. And since I don't lose anything after lighting up her life, and go straight to rounds 2, 3, and so forth the calories just keep being spent. Your turn on top? 😘

see? we're only trying to remain fit when we ask for sex.

True, after all men do major movements in sex, so they burn more calories,hahaha

Scientifically speaking we need to perform some experiments on "calories and sexual activities...anyone interested for the sake of science ?

wonder why that is.

Love that number! and what it represents. LOL

Haha no no no...Not when I'm on top...! Refuse to believe that!
I'd love to know how many gets burned SWHK

LOL!! Even when we 69, I am STILL on top!?!? At least with one leg on the headboard, for traction to get to all the hard to reach places!! LMAO!!

Yeah....the men usually do all the women dont even know !!!!!

that might be true for our first "O" but watch out for round 2.....

Is that the round where you fall asleep?

laughing....yes usually a post round 2 "O" nap is in order :)

You got toys to get warmed up, we're just there to finish the job.

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