Did you know that Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were originally invented as a food to reduce the urge to **********?
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It's completely ineffective!!!

Damn..lol, my wife loves them, now I know why she does not want sex that often...lol

Doesn't work.

dr kellogg was a strange individual...he also invented a machine to help purge you of bad things...it was an enema and then a half pint of yogurt orally taken and the other half anally...i think he was just a kinky guy:)
he and his wife never consummated their marriage..all their kids...i think5 were adopted

Well it hasn't worked for me xD

In 1908 in the movie Widow Jones there was a 20 second screen kiss and it created outrage and the Society for the Prevention of Crime convinced the mayor of Chicago to revoke the licences of the 550 theatres screening it until they stopped showing films on Sunday and what they called immoral films.


Trivia is so interesting.

ROTFLMAO 😜. Don't even get me started on the corn pops lol 😉

What about frosted flakes?...because I will destroy a box of Kellogg's frosted flakes and perform like a jack hammer!

I love cornflakes, I eat them all the time. They don't work!!

I thought everyone was over masticating!

Check out the movie "The Road to Wellville"

Never worked for me.

What is the source of this information?

Check wiki

Thank you. I will.

I think he promote circumcision to reduce ************ .

? How was that supposed to work?

I don't know man , I read something about circumcision and his name came out in the documentary .

Ew really.

Yes, I actually did!

Does it work ? Lol

It's true. Part of a general healthy diet as the good Dr Kellogg thought meat, etc gave rise to Carnal urges.


I dont believe that. But I do know I get excited thinking of a big bowl of Cap n Crunch !


I don't think it worked

Hasn't been that successful for me either.

Guess that is why Sugar Pops are tops!

Nah...Lucky Charms!

I thought it was invented as a Cattle Feed and later adapted for humans.

i should eat tons of them then

No way!... it obviously doesn't work.....