The **** industry makes more money than The National Football League, The National Basketball Association and Major League baseball combined and more than NBC, CBS, and ABC combined.
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Yes they are and have been at their peek for several years now especially since the internet.

My question is: Why is anyone paying for **** when so much of it is free on the internet?

if you pay you get more. Sometimes it could be private live shows of your desires,exc

Okay, thanks. :)

A big industry but could be myth.

And this is a bad thing, why??? Ha ha

Last I'd heard the **** industry is a 12 Billion dollar industry. There was a discussion about this chain letter style email that was going around a while back. A quick google shows the NFL had 7.2 Billion in gross revenue in 2010 and the MLB had 6.6 Billion in revenue in 2009. That's almost 14 Billion without even including the NBA.

Funny.. I just posted my very first video of myself at the website "pornhub" its already had over 200 views.. so embarrassing.. jeffrey.

Do you get paid for it?

No.. I just post them hoping my cute neighbors will see me.. google "pornhub twin lakes wisconsin" if your curious.. thanks much.. jeffrey.

Gambling makes more than Taxes in Australia.

I heard the US state lottery makes more than the **** industry, video game industry, and professional sports combined.