The Romans used to clean and whiten their teeth with urine.
Hmm, I guess I'll take their word for it. Noooo way I'm trying that :/
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See move inside out fr understand my rply

No it's just ur disgusting sense is so strong then ur accepting sense that's y u r saying yuck & noway
When ur accept things as they r thn it'll not b difficult fr u

I was like no she didn't! I was even about to start praying for you😅

Lmfao I would never try that

Well that's comforting to hear lol

When in Rome. Do as the Romans do... ; )

lol I guess I won't be visiting Rome anytime soon

I never knew that :o

they were so dirty lol

lol ugh yes girl

Sounds nasty to me. I'll stick with whitening tooth paste.

I'm with youu haha

Toothpaste with fluoride is bad too

Lol me either. Makes me wanna brush right now!!

lol yeah like I just brushed my teeth and I swallowed some of the toothpaste by accident. Haha so I could imagine that they probably swallowed some urine by accident, lol yuckk

Ewwwww... I could have gone without that having that mental image.

lol I am very sorry


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I'd do that if I had a blocked nose (;



I knew that

Mkay well that's good then

And street paths I believe.

Wow that's pretty cool

-roads is the word!

Right !

They invented socks!!! Just a random fact...

Ooo really?? lol I guess the Romans aren't so bad after all

Yeah, the soldiers started using them to keep warm during the winter... I guess we have lots to learn from em!

Yeah, hmm I wonder if they invented anything else

I believe Romans started the first Republic from of Government, if I remember correctly from Political Life 101 in College.

So when people wear socks with sandals they aren't totally in the wrong? Lol

Yeah lol, guess the Romans started it!

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Yeah, I think I'll stick with

lol I'm with you man

On Man Vs. Wild that guy drank his own pee so he wouldn't dyhyrate lol

Haha oh god. lol I guess he had to do what he had to do

Recent studies show that you should not drink your urine to avoid dehydration as urine like feces is created by the body to get rid of things the body cannot use...jus sayin

I bet it works very well haha!

lol ehh probably not. Besides no one has the guts to really find out haha

I would with you at the same time!

I had the guts to and it really works!!


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It's not as bad as it sounds lol

lol uhmm yah it is. Hmm you sound like you've tried it before lol

Lol nah but I know someone who does

Ugh yuck, haha I'm guessing they have really bad breath?

Lol actually he has some pretty good teeth and breath seems ok ;)

lol sooo maybe it does work

Lmao try it!!!

lol hell no

Your no fun lol

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Pow's in Vietnam war, cleaned wounds with their own urine. Only their own. If you are stung by a sea urchin, you use urine to anesthetize the sting

Yeah that's fine with me, but to actually brush your teeth with your urine?? lol now that's a whole different story

Uhhh nope... yuck