A male ********** around 10 cubic centimetres of ***** when he comes. That's about a teaspoon's worth. And that's where the bands "10cc" and "The Lovin' Spoonful" derive their names.
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great facts


Thank you. This is very good information to have😜

That's weird.

And sexy did you know that a spoonful of *** makes the medicine go down.

TY for that very interesting factoid!!! I know it will pop into front of mind when I hear any of their songs .... but how can I work that into gentile party conversation??? ;-)

I think it really all depends on how aroused the man is. Amounts can be different each and everytime.

Are you sure you have the measurement right.
Sure you have not got the 'o' in the wrong place.
Do not think ten "cubic centimeters would fit on a tea spoon and would certainly run off. Would just have to be frozen then !

I also learned that a man can ****** and not ********* and maintain an erection.

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Love it, now I know.

Hello Juicy it nice having love juice from both isn't it

are you sure?

Huh! Didnt know that

This also brings a new spin on the 10cc hit "The Things We Do for Love."

There's other similar titles, like Meatloaf's "I will do anything for love (but I won't suck that!)" LOL.

ROTFLMAO!!! That is hilarious!!! I didn't really know the song, so I googled the lyrics: darn censors, they cleaned up the words to "...(but I won't do that!)" But the g rated version still has lots of double entendres.

Er, no. The actual lyrics are "but I won't do that". The modified version was mine.

LMFAO, I never knew that

i heard that