The generation that invented the internet, the smartphone, and the iPad all played outside as children.
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Well it's easier to get an Olympic gold on a computer game than real life...

truth....unintended consequences of a tech-filled world. But seriously, kids have opted to stay inside for over 2 decades now. I heard a man talking about kids never getting outside and playing like we did over 20 years ago....too many TV channels, video games, or just laziness or being confined to an apartment housing unit where there's not much to do outside.

laying outside and looking up at the clouds and imagining that they are animals or whatever, watching the sky at night and watching for falling stars, picking wildflowers, listening to birds, looking at a beautiful sunrise or sunset, catching lightning bugs in a jar after dark, etc. I think these simple things are what children are missing and are a great memory to have in adulthood....I wonder if that could be part of the reason so many people are depressed any more?

I've heard psychologists say that most children won't remember the gifts they got (for birthdays or holidays) after they've grown up like they do the memories of spending time with family or doing fun simple things that occupy their time.

Not a bad observation

I think everything you mentioned was either a cascade of events that produced a product, or one that produced a.... digital landscape? Ipads and smartphones are actually conglomerations of inventions, of both hardware and software. It's likely many different people are responsible in many different ways, but likely mostly from the generation you're referring to, none-the-less. But I think recent history has done a disservice to the reality of the memory of folks like Steve Jobs. He wasn't that groundbreaking, but he was good. Didn't Microsoft have such a monopoly, they like had to pay Apple to keep them around, or something? There was a good long section where nothing good was coming from them. Until it became fashionable. Computers used to be for geeks - am I the only one who remembers growing up?