In 1917 with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire Great Britain won control over the Middle east and it became known as the British Mandate in Palestine. On November 2, 1917 Lord Balfour declared that a National Home for the Jewish people should be established in this British Mandate and it made no NO MENTION of the ARABS at ALL in it and only describing existing Non-Jewish communities in this declaration. The specific reason for this is that the middle east specialists at the time held and viewed that there was NO cohesive group of any standing among the random Arab population there at the time. The non-Jewish communities were viewed as degenerate groups of mixed races living there. They did not see this as any form of cohesive community in any sense - because it was not one. There was no Palestinian people or nation in existence at the time of the Balfour Declaration - it is a fabrication an invention that has taken place in response subsequently to the formation of the country of Israel. The Arabs only after the Balfour declaration started for the very first time violence against the Jews in the British Mandate. So when someone talks about a Palestinian ask them what their history is, who founded Palestine and when? What currency they used? What government form they had and where was the capital? Ask them to show you a stamp issued. The very idea of a Palestinian or a nation or country of Palestine is a total fabrication with out any history of support or legitimacy.
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Wow. Just more ethnic cleansing.

Ethnic cleansing is exactly what the Arab population was trying to accomplish with the Jews living there then - in fact what they tried to do right up until 1973 with successive uprising and wars and what they fantasize about to this day with their Intifadas - which means uprising. Ethnic cleansing is what they falsely accuse Israel of doing to them which could not be further from the truth because if that was the goal of Israel today, I assure you that the power to effect it is in their hands but it will not ever happen because the Jews possess something that the Arabs have never had and this is Morality. The fact is that the world has tried repeatedly to wipe out Jews from the face of the earth and has failed and having an independent state in the historic and eternal home of the Jewish People is the only guarantee for survival the Jews have now and for all time.

You know your history! Very informative. Please keep posting info like this. I've always found the complex history of that region to be so confusing.

There is only apparent confusion because that is what the Arabs infuse to the situation as confusion serves their interests. There is no confusion and there is no mistake what so ever that only a State of Israel exists and that correspondingly there has never been an establishment of a State of Palestine. The formation of the State of Israel in 1948 was not accidental. Well Prior to this happening, Churchill met with both the Jews and the Arabs in the 1930's. From the Jews he heard their specific plans on how they were going to build a country and he was impressed with the spirit of their industry, vision and work ethic. He stated it was in keeping with the best of British values. However, when he met with the Arabs all they did in the course of the meeting was to complain about the Jews. in the sixty eight years since the formation of the State Israel's GDP has grown to surpass that of all adjacent Arab nations combined. Churchill placed his bet upon the Jews, so did the world and Israel not only kept the promise of Churchill's vision it delivered results that have benefited the entire world in all fields of human endeavour. The Arabs also have verified Churchill's vision because they never accomplished anything with the opportunities that have been presented to them. The wry observation is they never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. There is no confusion.

You might also mention that the Arabs did precious little in WWI Palestine to help the Allies against the Central Powers. Other than Sa'ud, and that wasn't in Palestine but in the Nejd and Hejaz areas, only the Jews stepped up to actually aid the Brits. In WWII, the Arabs ACTIVELY worked against the Allies and for the Nazis while the Jews didn't. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem went to Berlin and made broadcasts and arrangements to extend the Final Solution to the Middle East.

As for any Arab claims even to land in the West Bank and Gaza, they refused an EXTREMELY favorable partition (look at the original partition map to see the Israeli portion in 3 lumps joined by 2 narrow strips, easily broken up in case of a war to see). So how does that entitle them to even the disputed lands (not the highly charged nomenclature "occupied territories") now?

Fun fact: The partition plan submitted by the Jews in 1946 was not far off of the land they ended up with under the 1949 cease-fire.

You know your history all right. The Grand Mufti did a whole lot more than advocate for extension of the Holocaust in the middle east, he was a huge proponent of it in Europe figuring that every Jew killed by the Nazi's was going to be one less that could settle in the British Mandate in Palestine. The partition plan submitted in 1946 is actually not very different from what is in place today, save that it had some land on the east bank of the Jordan River and it included Gaza. Oh fun fact - guess who was a relative of the Mufti? Arafat, and he shared the Nazi sympathies of the Mufti.

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Great post to educate the EPers, 100% accurate history, Palestine never had stamps, currency or Government.

All inhabitants of the land under the British Mandate were at the time referred to as "Palestinians", Arabs and Jews alike which simply implied that they were residents of the area. The term was revised to Israeli's after the establishment of the state in 1948 and the Arab population did not adopt the term "Palestinian" until after and in direct response to the the defeat of the surrounding Arab nations in June 1967. The idea that they were a distinct nation is a complete fabrication they promote. My Family first arrived there in 1923 and are listed as founders of one of the then village - now a city there. As to currency - it was the British Pound, stamps were issued by Great Britain and the Military forces were British as well. There were and there is no such thing as a "Palestinian", there never will be either.

You should write a history article very week on EP to educate the silly people.

Like you I love history not so much for the facts of what occurred but to understand the reasons WHY events occurred. This understanding is far more important than mere reiteration so that when similar events take place one knows what the ramifications are for a chosen path of action. For instance in the USA election campaigns taking place currently - Bernie Sanders is basically promising a "NEW DEAL" for Americans, He calls it a revolution but on analysis the singular precedent was FDR's New Deal, a highly successful rescue and stabilization of American Society that carries forth to this very day despite it occurring eighty years ago. The infrastructure of the Dams, bridges, highways that were constructed then - are still benefiting America to today. The social safety net put in place then is still in place and often under attack. No one who is has not been a student of history could recognize the similarities between what FDR accomplished and what Bernie Sanders advocates.