It's possible for a woman's vagina to literally fall out. This is called "pelvic prolapse."
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A bit like a badly made donar kebab...

I Actually Have A Friend That This Happened To. She Had To Get The Mesh Treatment. But Thankfully, It Wasn't The One That Has Been Causing Women So Many Problems And Cancer

Before surgery to remove it was common, it would ruin a woman's life.

I've heard of it happening about 20 years ago, a young woman was pregnant and her husband was making fun of her belly and she became so insecure she started jogging to lose weight, and she ended up having the baby a bit early and delivering her uterus, so she could never have any more children.

that young woman was jogging with a big belly, I'm wasn't surprised what's a wonder she hadn't had something even worse happen.

OMG. Not what I expected today.