111 Facts About Me (update)

A few could be weird???

1. I have a deep and inexplicable connection to the Ocean and the Sea... I often have vivid dream of being an under water creature of a deep blue world perhaps I was in a past life.

2. I have an insatiable wanderlust.

3. Id like to backpack around the world

4. I've never felt compelled to follow the crowd just because it's the popular thing to do.

5. When I feel sad, I create art.

6. I forgive but I never forget.

7. I think for as big as the world is, its an awfully lonely place

8. I love to go barefoot.

9. my sign is Cancer.

10. I'm a natural swimmer and sometimes I wish I were a mermaid so I could live in the Ocean.

11. I prefer hand written letters over E-mail.

12. I watch a lot of movies and to much TV

13. My worst fear is being burned alive.

14. I believe in God but I am excepting of other religions and I don't understand how another person can hate or kill a person over a difference big or small if they don't believe in what ever religion so what? who are they hurting but themselves and its for God to judge not you or anyone else.

15. my favorite color is black and green

16. I have never cheated on anyone and would never.

17. I love watching the night sky and midnight is my fave time of the day.

18. I often put the needs of others before my own.

19. If I could have 3 wishes... could I be completely selfish with them and live with myself after ???

20. I love slam poetry, but most things with regular rhyme and meter bore me.

21. Ive been completely addicted chap-stick seance I was 6 years old Natural Ice cherry for the past 10 years give or take.

22. I once had to make a choice between going to collage or taking care of my grandparents, I choose my grandparents

23. I like the cold but not so much the snow.

24. I am a good judge of character

25. I can read body language

26. I'm an empath

27. I believe that childhood should be a magical time.

28. My first car was a mock 1 mustang and my second was a 1979 camero

29. I don't drive never wanted to

30. I have long fingernails real not fake

31. I have trouble sleeping.

32. I believe in true love

33. I have ridden both a camel and an elephant.

34. When I was 21, I was offered a children's menu at a restaurant. I declined and ordered a beer instead even though I don't drink.

35. I rarely go to bed before 2:00 A.M.

36. I think my eyes are my best feature.

37. My name Samantha means "Heard by God" in Old English. In Aramaic it means "Listener."

38. My current fur-friend count 1 dog a Jack Russel named Shiloh

39. I like anthropology and Science and lit were my fave classes

40. I like doing laundry it relaxes me.

41. Ive never been on a plane

42. Ive never been to a concert.

43. Ive never been on a date.

44. I'm a virgin, not that guys/girls haven't tried. I'm not a prude Ill try just about anything once I'm still waiting on the right guy

45. I want to take a vow of silence and solitude

46. Ive thought seriously about becoming a nun its still not entirely out of the question.

47. A bird once pooped directly on my head at my grandmothers house I still think it aimed for me

48. Ive never been drunk

49. Ive never done drugs

50. I have a lot of nevers............

51. I'm very open

52. Ive never had to use an alarm clock my internal one is much better.

53. I wish I could have lived a 100 years ago or 100 years in the future

54. I'm a romantic

55. I listen to the radio in the car more than any other time.

56. I'm very visual

57. I learn by watching and I'm quick at it.

58. If left alone, I can read an entire book in a day.

59. I constantly reread books that I love.

60. I'm ambidextrous

61. I have very vivid dreams that are usually sexual.

62. I have 9 scars, not counting the ones on my heart

63. Ive never broken a bone.

64. I think the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is ridiculous.

65. I hate confrontation and go to great lengths to avoid it. But if pushed Ill kick ***

66. I was 14 before I realized Jesus and God were two separate people, and the sun and moon were 2 different objects

67. I was angry when I was told there was no such thing as Santa in fact I'm still a little mad that's when I learned parents lie I think I was
more angry that they lead me to believe in something that didn't exist

68. Everything I learned about sex was from school and reading and Ive know about sex since I was 7 but not what went where till I was in the 7th grade, the first time I saw a *****.

69. I have a high tolerance for physical pain except when it comes to my hands or teeth.

70. I love kissing and biting could even be considered as a fetish.

71. My sense of smell is very strong

72. I can be brutally honest, so don’t ask me if you don’t want to know the truth

73. I rarely read directions I can look at something and know how it works.

74. I would never betray the ones I love and Id give my life for them

75. I am constantly thinking and I love to write poetry.

76. I have Loved... Lost... and Learned, But I still wear my heart on my sleeve

77. I live in the country

78. I prefer to be alone most of the time.

79. I love old cemeteries.

80. when I was born a psychic told my mum I was a very old soul and a lot of other things not just about me they have all come true all but one she said my dad would be crushed to death by heavy machinery its almost happened twice the last time was just last year he was working for the state of Florida when he was hit by a semi going 80 miles an hour while dad was going 10 driving a crash car the emts said he should have died.

81. I'm the oldest of 7

82. I had 3 sisters born before me but I was the first to live

83. I give good advice and I'm a good listener

84. I'm a little bit strange and out there but in a good way

85. I always speak my mind

86. I believe in reincarnation.

87. Weather permitting, I love to sleep outside under the stars --- no tent.

88. I love hunting for treasures among other people’s discards at flea markets, antique shops, junk stores, or yard sales.

89. I had 2 sets of teeth before my peremont ones grew in

90. Ive had the chicken pox twice.

91. From the age of 1 month I had phenomena until I was 4 and I was in the hospital the whole time in a bubble and the only thing I can remember is the doctor would always come in and lay me over his knees and slap
my back and to this day I cant stand to be slapped on the back. After I got through that Ive hardly ever been sick maybe 4 or 5 times seance than just a cold, the sniffles nothing major.

92. I was dead for 5 min and I had an out of body experience

93. I still like to play hide and seek Ill always be a kid at heart

93. I like to be scared like when someone jumps out and says BOO!!!

95. I love to swing... swing on tree swings just a clarification for you dirty ( ')> - birds.

96. I’m always trying to improve myself in some way.

97. I sometimes wish I were stranded alone on an island.

98. I prefer pens over pencils

99. I love purses But I don't like to carry them

100. I'm optimistic most of the time

101. I can pop my chewing gum really loud

102. I can hold my breath for 3 min

103. I miss going to school

104. I love Ice cream and homemade eggnog

105. I hate my eyelashes

106. I loathed dolls as a child so much so I would cut there hair off and pull there arms and legs off

107. Ive never tried sushi

108 I meditate

109 I've experienced emotional neglect, physical and verbal abuse went through a deep depression when I was 14 I tried to kill myself by taking all my seizure meds than went to bed hoping I did not wake up but I'm glad i failed Ive NEVER told anyone that before.

110. I am an Idealist - Healer(INFP) according to the Keirsey Personality Test

111. I thought this was fun and easy to do and I could have added more.

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9 Responses Nov 1, 2009

if you like books so much, you should check out this awesome website! http://100waystodie.webs.com/

i dont know you but really i wish i could meet you i relate with alot of what you have said except for thebird poop!lol

Thank you for sharing all that, I like you, because I can identify with so much! I believe we are all connected in some wonderful ways, and this kind of proves it. Loved #34 and wow, #identify with #109. Bird pooping on your head is good luck! Please tell your dad you love him every chance you get, in fact tell it to everyone it applies to! Lucky man. God has plans for him, but then He has plans for all of us! Keep on being the wonderful you that you are.

well from all of this I'd say your a pretty unique and cool person, plus you and your father were totally meant to live. I wish I could meet more people like you. I have lots in common. #34 was funny, I also think #109 was very brave to admit and I would like to thank you for sharing all this, I have hope that there are great people like yourself out there, because I have believed in number 7 for awhile.

#34 made me laugh.

You should walk around at 12 am... Its so nice and breezy in la at night time.. I enjoy the night more than anyone

Almost all of these are how I and my friends feel on a day to day basis. I've had friends that have told that they've ODed on their prescribed meds before, and others tell me not to try it at all.<br />
<br />
Wanderlust is something that I experience all the time, I think I'm ADD or ADHD but the doctors say otherwise. I'm constantly moving, I kick in my sleep and have left bruises on my parents and holes in the walls.<br />
<br />
Amen to the ice cream and eggnog, my favorite thing about winter. I hate the cold, and the snow, i believe that the only good thing about winter is the times you have with your family and friends.

I have that wanderlust in me too. And I prefer to be alone. I feel for ya.

I love you. (the "you" that i know from this)<br />
I dont really know you, but i am also very glad you failed #109.