What Happens To Pets When We Hit "the Rapture"?

If you believe in the end of the world in your lifetime---either through Mayan Prophecies or evangelical boasts that only "the Elect" will ascend into Heaven---what are you going to do about your furry friends?   Some 20 to 40 million Americans now believe they will be in this elite group---and worry that their dogs and cats, parrots and ferrets, lizards and goldfish, will be left behind.  Alone. Uncomforted. Unfed.  Without their litter box changed or cages cleaned.

Enter a new business, in New Hampshire, ETERNAL EARTH BOUND PETS started by a 61 year old retail executive named Bart Centre.  For a modest fee, Centre will find your pet a home with a pre-screened atheist.   

After writing a book called The Atheist Camel Chronicles (under the pseudonym Dromedary Hump),  Centre had collected enough data about end-of-the world prophecies and odd religious sects, that he decided to make some money out of them.

When Business Week reporters asked him recently if he thought the Rapture was immanent, he said, "If we really thougth this was going to happen, out rates would be much higher."   Centre's website draws 250,000 hits a month, and he already has 26 "rescuers" signed up in 22 states.

He admits that he was just trying to find a way to cash in on the end-of -the world craze, and also has doubts that many "true believers" would want to trust their pets with an atheist.  Still, he's raking in the cash with the perfect business plan that also reads a bit like the set up for the perfect crime.

If the Rapture comes and his clients get taken up, who's going to sue?





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That is indeed a "Weird Fact" ;)<br />
-I'll withhold comment on the 'rapture' itself... 8)