Mine's Requiem For A Dream......

What's your favorite movie, or one of them at least......?
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donnie darko..

This is a great movie! Probably one of my favorites as well! it's a tear breaker.

That movie is sooooooooooo intense. Omg the ending of the movie when she is on the couch holding the bag of drugs she got after the party dude is in jail and the other guy lost his arm. I mean wow. I was addicted to heroin and was very sick the first time i saw that movie and cried my eyes out watching that..... but my favorite movie is Forest Gump..... i just love how Forest loves Jenny.... how he never stops and how he never fails her. And toward the end when they get married and Lt. Dan shows up. They give each other this look like two men who have come a long long way in there lives & they are finally ok.

I'm going through some issues myself right now and your story just about made me tear up a bit..... :-) Thank you for your comment...... Yep, it's indeed one insanely intense movie. Makes me wanna watch it right now :-)

What's ur fav part of that movie....

oh man that's hard to say, it's almost as if one part isn't better than the next.... but if i had to pick, i guess close to the end when everything starts falling to ****, and hs arms get bad, and she propositions the black man, and the friends gets thrown in jail..... just such a dramatic ending...... that, and the fact that they play the Kronos Quartet and it is absolutely amazing.

you know sounds kinda fukd up but yeah thats mine too and his mom goes like completely f'n crazy. but the girl comes out on top kinda at least she didnt lose an arm or get locked up at least she does a double sided *****...blows a black guy and goes home ok...alittle ashamed but intack you know...lol love it!!!!!!

Good call with Requiem for a Dream. One of my favs has always been True Romance