The Naked Christian (Christian Nudist Colony)

HUDSON, Fla.-Natura, America's first Christian nudist colony, opened this spring on a 240-acre Florida site near Tampa. The resort will eventually include 500 homes, a water park, marriage and family classes, and a clothing-optional church.

Co-founder Bill Martin plans a family-friendly Garden of Eden, saying God intended for people to be naked and free of shame and fear. Natura won't allow dancing or alcohol, as some other nudist colonies do.

According to Martin, nudism was common throughout Christian history. he says Christ washed his disciples' feet while nude, Peter rode in his boat nude, and baptisms were done in the nude.

Other Christians disagree. The Rev. John Reveil of the Southern Baptist Convention calls Martin's claims "preposterous," saying they have "no historical support."

David Blood, Natura's co-organizer, says, "We want to give a place where people can come back to feeling that the human body is very good, as God said."

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2011

that's insane... what a bunch of pervs... and no dancing too??? haha :P

I don't know if you've noticed but it sounds like they're achieving ****** at their church service. Yes Jesus!!! Yes yes YES Jesus!!!" ha ;-)

;) smh

I am not nudist, but I do tell radical Christians from time to time that God was okay with Adam and Eve being nudists. THEY were the ones who wanted to cover up their bodies, not God.