He Won a Darwin For This ...

  (13 October 2008, Germany) Smoking kills... if you try hard enough. A 42 year old man was badly injured by his air mattress one morning. The previous night he had inflated the punctured mattress with a tyre repair spray which, like all solvent-based aerosols, is flammable. Furthermore, he did this while keeping the windows tightly closed in his loft apartment. The next morning, this airhead lit a smoke before he opened the valve to deflate the air mattress. The resulting explosion wrecked most of the furnishings, part of the roof, and blew a window from the wall. The damage was so severe that a structural engineer condemned the flat. Narrowly missing a "full-blown" Darwin Award, our hero was taken to a burn care unit, and managed to survive this incident.
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I doo too!! they make me laugh every time .... *sigh* I needed that !!*

I love Darwin Award stories.