''Welsh Accent''

Obviously being from the welsh valleys myself, i would be biased if i say i love ''the welsh accent'' :-). (i do) Speaking to people who have heard my accent, they sometimes comment saying, it sounds has if we are ''singing'' some say we speak to quick, but the majority say it is a beautifull sound,. I would like to think i sound like Richard Burton,. (ummmmm!!! in my dreams :-( )

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WinterMountain, yes!! there is a big difference, between the ''welsh'' and the 'english'' accents,. <br />
Have you ever heard Tom Jones, or Catherine Zeta Jones speak!, well that's how i sound, :-),. There are different accents, as you go around various parts of England, because of the different counties, where people live,. But yeah!! they are very different from mine, lol, :-) <br />
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Thanking you for your comment my friend.

LOL <br />
Well no one would say I sound like I'm singing when I talk, but I can just imagine how musical your accent must sound! :)<br />
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I love British accents! Is there a difference between a British accent and a Welsh one?<br />
Either way, I bet it's Beautiful!

Oh i don't know WinterMountain, i have heard the Texan accent and i think it's lovely. Some people say i sound as if i'm singing when i speak! :-)<br />
Thank you for your comment my friend,.

Oooh I love accents!! I bet your accent IS lyrical.......*sigh* <br />
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Mine is just a boring ol' Texan accent.