It started in my case with my scotch aunt arriving for a holiday with her two brats of sons and a proper ***** of a. Daughter the sons my cousins were 11and13.the ***** was14 anyway I howled laughing when I seen the tartan kilts on them bad mistake mum said if I had one to fit you I'd put it on you now.and then up pipes the ***** I have a spare tartan skirt I could loan mom tells her to get it.and a top and panties while she striped me and got me ready for a spanking after a are bottom spanking I needed no further encouragement to do as I was told
I ended up in a very short red tartan skirt frilly white panties pink knee socks and shoes with inch and a half heels I also had a black slip. Now you can day they dressed me very girley and brought me to town on a shopping trip to buy me my own god I was mortified ..humiliated in the shops dressed as a girl with boys hair.this carried on all summer .i had nails painted pink lipstick make up .when my hair got a bit longer they had me go to a salon to get it styled, now I am a driver for 3ladies who own a salon a. House maid and ladies maid. I work and live with these ladies .and I do as they tell or I am punished. This is lovely and I'm glad petticoating happened.i now have a great life pampering three lovely ladies every day now I respect the females around all of them.wemon are special and should be treated as such.....
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Jan 8, 2013