I Like Them Coss...

... I love the idea, of a creature, always having to figth it's instincts, and I feel identified with them in that way. Only that a werewolf, to me, is like all the instinct elevated, and well, if it can't control them, it must be eliminated, but if it is able to controll them, then it deserves everything in the world ... yeah, jsut that, the idea of controling instincts is what I like about their myth =D
Ronoso Ronoso
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

yeah xd blade is cool. lol<br />
i like vampires' teeth xp they look nice

I expect that real vampires, because vampires don't spark ... and I ahte almost all kind of vamparires, blade is cool XD

i like vampires more xd

woo, I'm the only one who thinks that way!! XD