Im Black, Female, Urban, and Yes I Love Westerns...

Many years ago while working for the US Dept of Ag's "Forest Service", I had the honor of meeting this white, older, good ole boy (race doesnt matter, but in this story it does), whom i will refer to as John.  We became roommates in the same barrack while i was on assignment in California.  We didnt talk in the beginning.  We'd just say "hi" to each other out of being "civil".  One day, he came back to the barracks while i was watching John Wayne in one of my favorite westerns called "the Shootist". 

Boy was he shocked.  His words were, "Whats this youre watching?"  '

"The Shootist, with John Wayne."

"But, youre black.  And female."  he says.

"Well, ive watched westerns my whole life, starting with my grandmother.  John Wayne is my favorite western actor."

"But youre from DC... And youre 22!"  He was really shocked.

We actually became friends that day and watched other westerns together. We made a date of it.   LOL

I guess it was something that only my grandMother and I did together.  And in some way or another, i began to enjoy them as well.

To this day, i still get riled up when Encore Westerns show a marathon of Clint Eastwood, James Garner, or Robert Mitchum westerns.  Most of the movies i own on DVD and VHS are westerns.  I collect memorabilia and gadgets with western themes.  I even want to live in Virginia City, Nevada.  LOL.  I just wish that more blackwomen and men would look at westerns.  No matter what mood im in, i can find a western to match it. 

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

That's wonderful. I'm glad that you don't give in to stereotypes, and you're proud of what you like. Maybe you can try to get your friends to watch westerns. If they like them, they'll share them with their friends, and it will keep expanding.