Maverick Is a Legend of the West!

OMG!  I cant get over Maverick.  I just started watching it in January 2009 by accident with my mother.  And boy did i immediately fall in love.  I dont even watch Bonanza or Gun Smoke anymore, and Branded is a thing of the past as far as im concerned.  

Maverick by far, is one of the most well scripted, innocently and effortlessly funny, with just a hint of "make my day", shows ive ever seen.  No, i havent seen all of the episodes.  Actually, ive only seen Bret, Bart, and Beau.  As far as looks are concerned Bart (Jack Kelly) wins hands down.  In counting "sheer luck" and "sheer genius" in a character, Bret (James Garner) wins.  I cant even pick a favorite character.  LOL. 

I find that Maverick has everything i look for in a show.  Suspense, humor, an actual plot, etc, etc... 

For any western fan, Maverick is a must see.

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Mar 2, 2009