Need Someone To Share

Every night I watch wet clothing girl videos on youtube or I take a bath with my clothes on.
I discovered my fetish when I was 5. I saw a dream falling from my bed to a swimming pool wearing my clothes. Then at summer I tried swimming at the sea wearing a t shirt. Since then I repeated many times.
It is a great feeling.
I have told about to three female friends and I resieved a negative answer.
I am disapointed. I love getting wet with my clothes on or watching girls getting wet with their clothes.
I need female friends to share with!
nikosmm nikosmm
26-30, M
4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Always nice to meet another wet clothing fan. Have you had any success meeting a girl to share it with ?

I'm so lucky to have found a gal who actually DOES enjoy it and finds it to be as much of a turn on as I do! She initiates our wet sessions at least as often as I do, probably more...

It is very rare to find a girl who actually finds getting wet a turn on. Most women I have met don't mind getting soaked accidentally, but I don't think I have really met one who would instigate a wet session. Several have got wet with me, but it has always felt like they only did it because I liked it. Still, all the best with your search.

Keep trying. There are women who also find wet clothing erotic. I've had similar experiences to yours, however. I've told a few women about my desires to swim fully clothed, and they look at me as if I am nuts, or simply tell me they aren't interested. A few women have tried it with me mostly because I was interested, but it did little or nothing for them.