Elaine, Wet Knickers Again.

This morning at about midday there was a knock at my door. When I opened it there stood my friend Elaine, flustered and scarlet in the face.
'Can I come in?, she gasped.
I agreed of course and she stood in my living room obviosuly wanting to say something. I told her to sit down and I would make us coffee.
'I can't ,' she said and opened the coat she was wearing, underneath her trousers were wet at the crotch and down one leg. She had clearly wet herself.
She had been to church and stayed afterwards for coffee and chat, two coffees in fact. After she walked home with a friend and it was only when her friend left her that she realised how badly she needed the loo. Ours is a spread out village and she still had quite a walk home. It is a very cold day and the effect of the coffee, the cold and the longish walk had defeated her and before she could get to the safety of her home, she had begun to pee in her knickers. Although she had eventually managed to control the flow her pants and trousers were very wet.
She had come to me as she was too embarrassed to go home and let her husband see her.
She stayed with me, changed out of her wet knicks and trousers and wore a clean pair of mine and a dressing gown, while she rinsed her wet pants and trousers and then used my tumble dryer. I 'phoned her husband to say she would be with me for lunch, making up an excuse about helping mewith making curtains! He was quite happy about that and said he would go to the pub with his mates.
Elaine as you know is 54 and this isn't the first time she has wet her knickers.
Talking to her, I know she is embarrassd but I think she is also finding it arousing.
Emma x x
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Dec 2, 2012