Idys Story

Well, my lady an i had taken in to a hotell for one weekend, just for having fun ;)
We had gone there for have a nice quiet time for or selvfs.
My llady is a kind that is bisexual and like to do different thing.
We started up inthe pool, only us two, i startded whith kissing her on the mouth, and follow down on her neck and breasths, lover down on her belly all the way downe to her paradise :) We had wonderful forpllay there in the pool,
we moved us into the shower room and whilw we whwere kissing and let ur hands seeking around on our body, i get down on the floor and she moves over me whith her legs on each side, i was now lokking right into her lovely varm *****, i sit up and let my tounge play around her button, let it slip easly into her and feels the wonderful taste of wet *****, i was going on for i while when she pushed my hed a bit back and lett her "golden shower" come into my face ohh nice, i shakes in my body, she moved around and ****** down over me, over my **** and she empty her self over my face, then she rather fast pushes my head into her ***** for likking it nice and clean, wow, iwas desperate for more, my **** almost blasted into peases, my god i was horny, we shovered us clean, vent into bed and started it up again, this time i was playing whith her paradise whith a ***** until she grab my **** an put him into her *****, and she didnt stop befor all aof it was in, all of it! Well rest of the story is pure amateur, but we nid that to to finnnish i a twice ******! ******* goood time! :)
idy68 idy68
41-45, M
Jan 14, 2013