A Wet Morning.

While out shopping for a few things I had to pick up this morning. I could not resist the urge to browse the inventory in the female clothing department. I spotted a lovely pair of socks regular style with thin dark pink and light pink pin stripes with a solid dark pink heal and toe.
Thinking to myself I will buy these and take them home to get wet in the shower.
I make my way out to the car and decided that I would wear them right away. I only wear women's socks, tights, pantyhose and shoes when I am feeling aroused. I am now sitting in my car with blue jeans, brown casual shoes and pink socks. Knowing the routing home would take me past a lake with a public park and boat launch, I decided to pay a visit.
15 minutes later I am now at the park and was excited to discover that the boat launch area was deserted. The thought of public soaking was far more exciting than the privacy of my shower, despite being discreet. I immediately parked the car and started walking down the boat launch which has a lovely concrete slab on a perfect angle for my purposes. I did take off my shoes because they were boring boy shoes, I would of left them on had they been women's. I walked up to my waist to the point my crouch was wet not caring at that point who seen me. My excitement was beyond and my heart was just pounding, as the water was crystal clear I could see those lovely pink socks through the water. Well that was that, I hit my peak excitement right then and there if you know what I mean.
I walked back to my car with shoes in hand and luckily I had a piece of plastic in my trunk and drove home. It was lovely!
newfboy69 newfboy69
36-40, M
Sep 17, 2012