Got A Girlfriend Has Got A Fetish Of Pooping And Ppeeing Herself.

well i recently got a girlfriend, and her fetish is pooping and peeing her pants, me and her do lots of naughty things like, poop and pee on each other, we have sex, and we both spend the day in diapers. me and her even change each other, when i poop or pee my diaper (which is now something i cant control) she lies me down on the bed and changes me, and when she poops or pee's her diaper i change her and spank her.
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she will also pee on me while she sits on my lap.

my Gf just messes herself then sits on my lap and mushes it aound so that i can feel it. then i have to change her.

My wife will sit on my lap and poop herself. <br />
<br />
She will ask me to take her to the toilet, she will mess herself on the way and expect me to wipe and clean her.

Your a lucky man good sir.