Waiting In Line.

before i start this story i remind you that i cannot control my bowels nor bladder anymore.

This morning i awoke very wet. i put a new diaper on and then put my cloths on, after i relised i needed more diapers i went out to shoppers drug mart to buy some more diapers. i got two packs and got some other things and then paid for my things and started to drive home. i was approching a train crossing when it suddenly started to flash red, a speeded up to try beat it but failed to do so. i sat there waiting when a sudden urge hit me in the bowels. I tryed to hold it but it just hurt if i did, so i let it all out, it filled my diaper full at the back and at the front. i started to pee my diaper cause i was scared when i pooped. the pee flowed for a good 20 seconds and made all my poop very liquidy! when the train crossing was open i drove home. when i got home, i got all my stuff and went to the front door while rumeging tthrew my pocket for my keys i dropped my diapers, i bent down and the poop spread all over!!
Mchukyle555 Mchukyle555
26-30, M
May 13, 2012