Holding It

sometimes i just cant help myself, i just HAVE to wet myself. today is one of those days. i homeschool my daughter, so she is in the same room with me, so finding a place and a chance to wet myself was a bit of a challenge. i had already drank 4 large glasses of water (i'm always thirsty in the morning) plus an entire pot of coffee. the urge to go was strong. finally, i decided just to go to the bathroom, but to pee myself in the tub instead so there wouldn't be a mess my daughter might see. it felt so good as i stood in the tub and let the hot pee stream down my legs and onto my feet-i couldn't have stopped that stream if i wanted to! i orgasmed as peed, and thought that would stop my intense desire to pee myself more.

but i was wrong. i couldn't stop thinking about it, couldn't stop waiting for the pee to fill up in me again. couldn't wait for the next feeling of my hot stream on my skin. but i still didn't want to make a mess or be noticed by my daughter, so, since i don't have diapers (but would LOVE to) i packed my panties full of washclothes and handtowels. i'm sitting here now, on the couch, padded with cloths, drinking more coffee and and water. i'm so excited and horny right now, waiting, my **** is throbbing and my hands are shaking. i just cant wait til i can't hold it any longer and wet myself right here on the sofa in front of my daughter!! i'm scared i'll get the cushion wet, but i guess that's part of the excitement.
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That is the best Feeling 1234ppp. I have been peed on and the Hot Pee is such a wonderful and exciting feeling!! The ******* is great too!!

As this was some time ago, do you still love wetting yourself? I certainly hope so!

Put a Diaper on and Pee in your Diaper!! Your kid will not know, it will feel great and you will have pleasure from the warm feeling pressing against your and you will be wet inside without having your pants wet and you can enjoy yourself!!
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The anticipation is probably more than half of the sexual excitement....at least it sure is for me.

Wish you were setting in my lap. Then afterward, my hand would reach in under the washclothes and help you to more *******.

Isn't it lovely when you wait for the next round? I'm on my front porch nowm waiting for the situation when I can't hold any longer...yes, my jeans are still dry, kind of.

Hot story! I bet you needed some ************ after that or didm you just ****** from the *******. You definitely need diapers. I love them as I wear them under loose fiting pants and untucked shirt and can then pee in them while in others company. I especially love peeing while looking at or talking to a prety woman and imagine thet they would change me after. Ah! Then for the ************ till I *** inside the diaper and can do this in public too.

That's a really sexy story. How did you do? Did you make a mess?

when i couldnt hold it anymore it just poured out of me while i was sitting there. the first wave was soaked up by my padding and cloths, but the second wave a few minutes later was too much for my padding and i soaked the cushion under me. i had to sit there until she left the room so i could turn it over so she wouldnt see what i had done!

That's great. How old is your daughter?