Hell Yeah

im a nursery nurse and absolutly adore it!

I have to run around like a lunatic after 18 children all 1-2 years! I wouldnt want to do anything but this job!

BUT i hate it! the reasoon i hate it is the fact i hate people i work with, i hate the way the place is run, how we get treated like **** by people above us, get complained about for not being like other rooms from the parents.

If all these things got resolved and sorted out then it would be the best job in the world n i would never wanna leave!!! but as it hasnt in the close to 4 years i have been there i dont think it ever will!!!

Well i have been wanting to leave for the past 2 years so nothing is knew to me now!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
May 24, 2007