Work Buddy.....

Following a medical retirement on stress grounds I have started work as a driver on a school bus. Each bus has a driver, resposnsible for the security of the bus and an escort, responsible for the kids.

I enjoy driving, I enjoy the kids but have big problems brewing with the escort. Whilst she does what she has to do, she offers very little to the kids and they have told me they "hate her"... given the way she talks to them I can see why. At best she is patronising, at worst she is nasty.

I have offered her advice on how to best handle the kids we have, but she ignores that. The kids we have on board all have major physical disabilities and some can be slightly challenging. She fails to see that their special needs drive their behaviour and despite explaining that she takes out any ill feeling she may have on them. Don't get me wrong, she does nothing majorliy wrong, it's that she doesnt seem to care and is only in it for the money.

I am now tackling this through  health and safety issues, making sure things are done properly...and she doesn't like it.

I feel a dam is about to break!!

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

I forgot I posted this.....<br />
She is still working but not with me. I am still working on exposing her lack of care.