Gotta Pee Now...

I am pretty full now, and would love it if a girl would help me push the limits of my bladder...
clubie26 clubie26
31-35, M
9 Responses Jul 18, 2010

send me a message when you're desperate again!

PM when your desperate again.. I'll make you hold it till you burst

message me when your desperate il make you hold

Send me a message when you hold again. I'll make you wait and then you can help me hold as well!

i'd love to make you wait longer. would get you filled up until you get desperate...and then we'd go shopping together... :-)

Keep holding babe! You wouldnt want to wet your pants now would you? ;)

I wish I was here earlier DANG! I was desperate not to long ago.

I'm really really bursting now... Looking for any ladies that would like to prolong the inevitable...

I'm totally bursting now...I leaked a little, but I am not allowed to pee yet so far...