******** Naked And Covered In Food For The Benefit Of A Roomful Of Ladies!

I must admit, I hadn't even heard of cfnm until a few weeks ago far less thought of it as something I was into. Over the last few months though I've done certain things that have been fantastic and pretty much come under the cfnm banner. It all started when I agreed to pose nude for a bodypainting session for my girlfriend for a piece she was doing for her modern art class (i've shared this experience on ep). From there I was offered the chance to do life modelling for some classes in the art department, bit of extra cash I thought, turned out to be something I really enjoyed. Anyway after couple of weeks ago one of the faculty members, Julie, asked if I'd be up for a bit of modelling at a benefit her group was hosting for Breast Cancer, why not I thought, its a great cause and should be a good night. Should probably have asked exactly what she wanted me to do....

I got there about 6 in the evening and met up with Julie, she told me she wanted me to become their dessert buffet trolley, basicaly just lie there with all sorts of cakes and sweets all over me whilst the ladies came and helped themselves, I thought it sounded pretty cool! I sat for a bit and listened to the entertainment, had a few nibbles and mingled with some of the crowd. Then Julie came to get me to take me into the kitchen to get prepared. We went through to a back bit in the kitchen where Julie introduced me to 2 youngish chefs called Jasmine and Sarah who would be creating this 'masterpiece'. they were both really nice and we had a good chat with some laughs together, Jasmine in particular was really hot, lovely natural tan, long brown hair, dark eyes, proper stunner. Sarah was cute too, kinda petite girl.

julie left us to it and I began to get undressed, we all tried not to make a big deal out of it and kept up all the small talk. I suggested it may be an idea if I lie face down because ladies tend to like my bum, they laughed this off and said that they;d probably all prefer I was face up. I sort of expected that and to be honest I was trying to get out of doing it that way as the thought of me lying down  with these 2 girls working on me was getting me a bit turned on. Anyhow I had to bite the bullet and get on with it, I pulled my underwear off and tried to calm my stirrings down with the "think un-sexy thoughts, think un-sexy thoughts" routine. I lay back on the trolley and was quite relaxed, I thought Id be okay staying soft, at least for the time being. As the girls began bringing the food over I asked them if they had done this before, Jasmine said she had'e but Sarah told me she'd done it twice, once with a guy and once with a girl. she then went on to tell me the guy was a nightmare, when I asked why she told me he was "just a pervert" and popped a huge erection as soon as he took his clothes off and never really settled down all night. I thought, ****! Now I really had to focus on not getting hard, I thought they might have been able to laugh it off if it happened but I guess they'd see it as inappropriate.

Several dishes were transferred from serving bowls onto my body, as they were all pretty much just out the fridge they were really cold, which given the situation I was glad off. I wasn't sure exactly what all the food was that was on my chest and torso but I was aware there was nothing at all covering me from the waist down. They then started to work from my feet up, washing every part of me before putting the food on me. after a while I had trifle's cakes and pastries on my top half and fruits and jelly's on my feet and legs. I was now so aware that I was just about completely covered with the exception of my hips and genitals. I was beginning to wonder what the plan was for my penis, surely they weren't gonna leave it exposed?!? Kinda hoped they'd put a fig leaf over it or something. Not so, they told me this would be a sort of "dipping area" and that the'y make little pools of sauces and cover the rest with cream. Okay? I thought, may be able to handle that. I felt them arrange things all around my penis and my pubic bone which felt absolutely amazing, unfortunately I was trying my best to keep from getting an erection so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should have, I'd have loved to just start pulling one of right then and there. had to keep focused though, lastly Jasmine pulled out a can of whipped cream squeezed some all over my penis and around the edges of my mid-section. We shared a couple of laughs about it and then the prepared me with the final garnish and got me ready to be wheeled out.

The applause when I got wheeled into the room was fantastic, I think  there were maybe about 40-50 women there who all filed past me and took their turns picking something off my body. The first few were quite polite and deliberately avoided my "sensitive" areas, soon some women appeared though who had no such reservations, one in particular seemed to take all the cream which was covering my penis, much to the amusement of everyone else about. As the line got donw to the last 6 or 7 ladies I was pretty much empty, most of the sweets were gone along with all the sauces and cream which had given me that little bit of coverage. I was very much lying naked on a table with about 10 women around me. None of them seemed too bothered about not getting a dessert but I got the odd quip like, you better give me a kiss then! It was all good natured then the penultimate woman just took it that bit further than I was expecting and asked jokingly if she could "lick the bowl?!" i just laughed it off but then she began licking my body all over, in fairness to her she did stay away from my penis, just, but licked up my thighs and around my belly button. Another real sexy, erotic moment that, I wasn't allowed to enjoy properly, just had to lie there and laugh it off.

Once it was all done I was wheeled away and got cleaned up and my clothes back on, Julie came in to tell me how thankful everyone was and how professional I'd been. I was really pleased with myself that I hadn't got a hard on (or worse) and went home with a big smile on my face and bump in my shorts, Fantastic Experience!
garymilne garymilne
22-25, M
Jul 6, 2011